About Vitani®

How It All Started

Vitani® was conceived from the minds of husband and wife team Eric and Jackie Gichner, when they found themselves wanting a product that just didn’t exist in the beverage marketplace. When frequenting local restaurants and bars, Jackie’s go-to drink was always, and still is,  a Dirty Martini.


One day they realized that she never actually drank them at home.  The reasons were simple.  She didn’t want the hassle or the mess of making it herself and she could never create the taste she wanted.  So their journey began in search of the perfect prepared cocktail that you can enjoy at home. After searching stores for drinks that  had the quality and strength of a professional bartender, they discovered that there was nothing  on the market.  Nothing appealing to the pallet of a seasoned martini drinker.


And so…Vitani® was born. You can finally have the quality and strength of a bartender prepared martini, wherever and whenever you please.

Boxed Vitani Martinis