Ways to Enjoy the Vitani® Elderpear Martini

24 Jan Ways to Enjoy the Vitani® Elderpear Martini

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At Vitani®, we’re always on the lookout for the next big thing in the cocktail world. A few years ago, owners Eric and Jackie Gichner noticed pear and elderflower martinis—featuring elderflower liqeuer St-Germain—were on the rise. So the Vitani® Elderpear Martini was born.

Combining premium vodka and natural elderflower and pear, the Vitani® Eldepear Martini is perfect for those who love sweet martinis. The Vitani® Elderpear Martini is excellent enjoyed straight from the bottle. Just chill, shake, and enjoy.

One of things people love about the Vitani® Elderpear Martini is that it tastes the same every time, so they don’t need to worry about “getting it right.” On the flip side of the coin, everyone loves a little variety in their life.

If you’re a fan of our Elderpear Martini and want to change things up, here are some different ways to enjoy the Vitani® Elderpear Martini.

Ice, ice baby. Elderflower pear martinis tend to be fairly intensely sweet. That’s why lots of people tell us they love our Elderpear Martini poured over ice. Try a highball or collins glass.

Combine with club soda. If the Vitani® Elderpear Martini is too strong for your tastes, pouring it in a glass and topping with club soda will produce a smooth, mild drink.

Squeeze in a lemon. The tart flavors of citrus helps balance out the sweetness of the elderpear martini. You can even slice a lemon small and drop it right into the bottle.

Enjoy with these delicious foods. Elderpear martinis are great with almost any dish. Mild tastes, such as pasta or chicken dishes complement the drink especially well. Try out this recipe for Pasta with Garlic and Olives.

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